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Case Study:

Conversion optimization is probably the most important aspect of your website. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to sell a product or just trying to capture an email address. Average duration visit of a regular website is limited to a couple of seconds. Usually you lose 65% of your visitors in the first 10 seconds. So everybody recommends communicating your message immediately. It’s true but missing a point. Creating an engaging environment, making visitors stay longer and then delivering your message is a much more effective way leading to conversions. Our conversion optimization services will change the nature of your online business. (WARNING: You should be ready to handle more business.)

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“Skilled, smart, responsive, creative, artistic. Exceeded my expectations and a complete pleasure to work with.”

Robert P.

Challenge: Grabbing attention

Creating viral content these days seem easy. You can put a cat video or start giving sex advice in above-the-fold content and your website will be seen and shared. But what if these things won’t work? Especially if you’re trying to sell a business book, it’s obvious that you can’t use these tactics in your website.

Our Solution

leansellingbook - homepage


When we are designing website our first goal was to increase the duration of average stay. The product was great and in order to sell it we just needed visitors to stay a little bit longer than usual. So we created an attention grabbing animation on the homepage which is over 10 secs. After such an entrance visitors felt obliged to look for the rest of the website. Plus it was a feather light setup so it didn’t affect the page load times.

Challenge: Maximizing engagement

You have a visitor in your website. Ok, then what? Most of the websites can’t answer this question clearly and they lose their visitors.

Our Solution

Email list conversion was one of the most important parts of this website. So we created lots of signup forms. You can see it on the right side of the website in a drawer module.

leansellingbook - Drawer email capture

Drawer email capture

The same form is just above the footer in every page and post. Moreover we have a popup waiting for you on exit intent.

leansellingbook - popup email capture

popup email capture

If that’s not enough we have a highly engaging and interesting quiz which allows you to enter your email and get the results at the end.

leansellingbook - quiz

Engaging quiz with email capture