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Is your website unique? Does it have different needs? Do you have your own ideas for your website and you don’t want to just copy your competitors website? Then we have great news for you. We thrive for these kind of projects where we can push the boundaries of web development with our custom PHP and API solutions.

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“…Rockstar. Gets 5 stars all round. Goes above and beyond to get it done. Good partner in a project…”

Dax H.

Challenge: Movie API Integration project was born actually a couple years ago but the first release didn’t live long due to the lack of an API integration. Maintaining the site was too difficult with updating all the details about the movies manually.

Our Solution

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In the second release which is done with our agency, we implemented a movie database API solution to overcome the difficulties with the maintenance of the website. In a short time the site reached to hundreds of movies which picked even grabbed the attention of some investors.

Challenge: Plugin Customization

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla they are all great CMSs and their power comes from their elasticity. There are thousands of plugins which will solve the problems with your website and there are new ones added to the list everyday. This project was unique, and had its own needs. When we searched the market for out-of-the-box solutions we realized that there’s nothing available. We had to get our hands dirty and create our own solutions.

Our Solution

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Single Post Page

We were in need of a polling plugin for this project and after a careful search we decided “YOP polls” are our best bet. But still it needed modifications. CSS files were written from scratch but it was only a small start. Configuration of the plugin is almost completely changed and made compatible with the API integration and polls are embedded into page templates in order to create automatic poll creation.