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Case Study:

If you’re not on the net, your business will suffer. If you’re on the net but your search engine rankings are low, your business will still suffer. We provide the initial SEO setup for all of our seo driven websites by using the best practices available and keep providing our support to carry them higher in the rankings(*).

attorneysummerill.comWhat did we do?

“…Unbelievable change in my website traffic and conversion of clients after the upgrade…”

Peter S.

Challenge: Local SEO

When someone searches the net for a service, they get the local results first. If you want to be among the top ones in your area, neighborhood, city or state you need to tweak your website according to the best local SEO practices.

Our Solution

attorneysummerill - homepage


Adding an exact address, placing a google map with the office address, using business hours in the website and using key words for the target cities and neighborhoods in a meaningful way was our solution for this website.

Challenge: SEO Optimization

SEO isn’t static, it’s evolving everyday. New websites are added to the search engines everyday and search engines update their ranking methods continuously. If you can’t bring your website in the first couple pages of your keyword search results, your business can’t benefit from the search engines.

Our Solution

attorneysummerill seo optimized pages

attorneysummerill seo optimized pages

We keep our SEO practices up-to-date and benefit from the best resources available to increase the rankings of the websites we build.