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Case Study:

eCommerce websites started to become the core of web development. You have great product or service ideas and start selling immediately. Let us take care of the technical stuff behind your eCommerce website while you start counting your dollars. Our eCommerce solutions make opening an online shop so easy with our continuous expert support.

strollerindex.comWhat did we do?

“…I got an amazing website, very professional service and the end result is beyond my expectations…”

Stacy S.

Challenge: Presentation of your products

In an ecommerce website (other than well-known sites like the need for the product should be emphasized more than how great the product is. Your website should answer the question “Why” before “What”.

Our Solution


In stroller index we don’t have a shop in the homepage. Instead we come up with a short statement summarizing the main benefit of the website. Then it’s followed by a questionnaire about the needs of the users. We don’t push the products to them. Their needs lead them to the products.

Challenge: Ease of Use

When your store have 100s of products you need to find a way to sort through them easily.

Our Solution

Sort all products

We used advanced filters in the main shop page. You can search products with the help of more than 20 attributes. Filters vary from check boxes, radio buttons to advanced filters like sliding range filters.