One of the first questions we get from our clients is “What does your process look like?”. Naturally it’s your right to know what to expect during our web design process before signing the contract. So, we created this brief document. Depending on your needs, the steps may change. For instance, if we’re building a website based on a theme, the development and the design phases usually go hand in hand.  Or you may choose not to get any optimization service. We decide about the rest of the process at the planning stage. But still, this document will give you a general idea about our web design process and what to expect.

Web Design - Discovery


  • Discovery survey We need to understand your needs, expectations, requirements better, so we start with asking some questions.
Web Design - Planning


This step is crucial for a smooth production process but usually overlooked by inexperienced designers.

  • Timeline and milestone setup
  • Budget planning and approval
  • Sitemap (Determining number of pages and page templates)
  • UX Design
  • Conversion Strategy (CTAs, forms, offers, promotions)
Web Design - Design


We will create a design based on your branding. The design will include and utilize the best practices of the industry in addition to being modern, elegant and professional.

  • Wireframing (Determining what kind of content will be on different pages)
  • PSD Designs
  • Revisions
Web Design - Mobile Design


Everyday mobile visitors/desktop visitors ratio is reaching to a new high and your website isn’t going to be an exception. So we’ll make sure that everything will look great on tablets and phones as well.

  • Tablet Design (Horizontal/Vertical)
  • Phone Design (Horizontal/Vertical)
Web Design - Content


A keyword used in the copy may change the minds of your visitors and make them click your call-to-actions. Or the images selected may tell great stories individually but they may not create a harmony when they’re put next to one another. In this step, we make sure the delivery of the message is perfect.

  • Website copy edit
  • Media (image/video) selections and edits
Web Design - Development


In this step of our web design process, we’ll implement the design concepts and make the website ready for optimizations phase. The communication may be limited in this part since some of our developers prefer to work in their caves and not to be disturbed.

  • Coding page templates
  • Modules/plugins/themes configuration and setup
  • 3rd party integrations
Web Design - Onpage SEO


SEO is an ongoing effort and it takes months to get the results but a website with onpage SEO optimization at the beginning is essential for success. We also provide SEO campaigns for ongoing SEO work.

  • Basic keyword research
  • On-page SEO
  • Search engine submissions
  • Social media integration
Web Design - Additional Optimizations


Details are important. They may be decisive on your success. For instance just 1 second improvement on your page speed may increase your visitors by 16% and your conversions by 7%.

  • Image optimization
  • UX Tests and Optimization
  • Page Speed Optimization
Web Design - Deployment


This is the part where you look back to the moment you hired us to develop your website and say “This was the best decision of my life.” Then your partner says “Ahem” and you say “The second best, the second”

  • Quality Tests
  • Tutorials
Web Design - Support


Hi, again! Did you forget something? Something isn’t working as planned? We carefully analyze the situation and make suggestions depending on your needs. If there’s a bug, we fix it for free.

Web Design - Conversion Rate Optimization


The conversion strategy is probably the most important part of the web design process. It doesn’t matter if you’re building an eCommerce website, informational website for your small business or just a personal blog, you need to measure the success of your website and a robust conversion strategy.

  • Determining website success metrics (Volume, visits, conversions)
  • Determining traffic strategy
Web Design - Google Analytics Setup


Web design isn’t static and nothing is perfect. After the launch, if you don’t know how you’re performing probably you can’t improve your website. So we make sure that you’ll have the necessary tools to make decisions about your online presence.

  • Segmentation
  • Creating click events
  • Course on google analytics