Membership Websites

Case Study:

Developing membership websites can be a complex task. From the beginning you face with countless options and searching through every one of them is an exhausting process. And usually you’ll find out actually the plugin you selected wasn’t right for you and it doesn’t provide all the solutions you need. did we do?

“…Our organization needed a modern website which we can keep track of members with ease. Registrations, renewals, payments are now so easy for our members and we can concentrate on important things rather than dealing with the paperwork…”

Shira K.

Challenge: Selecting the correct membership plugin

Membership plugins are complex and they come with a lot of options. Some of them has a certain gateway, others don’t. Some of them integrates with woocommerce, some don’t. Some of them integrates with Buddypress, some don’t. Some of them can drip content, some don’t. Some of them provide recurring payments, some don’t. Some of them has pro versions with totally different capabilities. So how do you choose?

Our Solution

ebbs - homepage

ebbs – homepage

Just relax and trust our experience. We built sites with countless number of membership plugins and we’ll find the best one to serve your needs. For this specific project we picked WPMUDEV’s “Membership+” plugin.

Challenge: Plugin Integration/Configuration/Customization

If you want a create a social network within your site with your members you need to integrate buddypress with your membership plugin. If you want to sell products to your members at different prices depending on their membership level you need to integrate woocommerce with your membership plugin. Depending on your needs configuring your membership plugin, integrating it with other plugins and customizing it isn’t easy.

Our Solution

ebbs-membership options

ebbs-membership options

In EBBS website we configured “Membership+” plugin according to our client’s need and integrated buddypress and bbpress with “Membership+” plugin.