Are you lucky enough to remember those old blogging days? When there wasn’t any SEO concerns, or bloggers who can optimize your articles, or people who were writing 100 words for 30 cents? When there weren’t 27 tips┬áto write a better blog or Neil Patels or Moz (burn!!)

So let’s make one thing clear. This blog isn’t for SEO purposes. (It’s hard not to create internal links though so we’ll do that one for your navigation.)

We always strive to go the extra mile in our work and then we write about it. None of our articles are written by “bloggers” who has an “idea” about the subject and will give you an “overlook”. Our first profession isn’t writing so there may be some errors and we apologize for them at the beginning. But our articles are in-depth and help you actually learn (and chuckle. Who said technical tutorials can’t be funny?)

All of our copy is original. They’re not scraped so you won’t find this content anywhere else. (If you find it, tell us so we can kick their ass.)

We don’t advertise, we’re not affiliates, we don’t monetize. In our blog, it’s like old times, everything is just for the sake of writing, informing and interacting. We hope you’ll join our journey and help us to create a better blog.