You decided to launch your website project but you don’t know which web hosting company to use? Do you want to learn which one is the fastest web hosting?

No affiliate marketing, please!

It’s so hard to find honest tests, reviews, articles that don’t get paid by a certain hosting company. You read all the pages in the google’s first page but still couldn’t decide? Or even worse, you already bought it based on a biased, marketing article and you’re disappointed with their service. Then you’re going to love our report.

We had the same trouble with web hosting companies and fake reports, reviews and articles. So we decided to take an unprecedented approach for our tests and it was a lot of fun. Our only concern in this test was speed. Page speed is an important metric to test the hosting account’s strength and also it’s an important factor affecting search engine rankings.

There are some other important factors selecting your hosting company such as customer service or freebies they offer but these aren’t as relevant as the speed they provide. Ask yourself this question “If your hosting company needs to do only one thing right, what would that be?” Do you think it’s a good idea to have the best customer service with mediocre page speed? So the next time you hear a $100 Facebook ad credit or hosting for $2 a month, beware. Maybe they’re trying to compensate some stuff.

Our Way, Results You Can Use

We picked best-performing blogs at and then tested them in It should be noted that this can’t be a scientific method since the websites tested in different hosts have different characteristics and we don’t exactly know the information about their hosting plan with their company. But still we believe that we got some good results since we tested at least 10 sites for each provider and take out the outliers. So this test should give you some valuable information in selecting your next web hosting company (not a crap load of affiliate links, sorry PCMag but you deserve it, stick to your hardware tests.)

Here are the fastest web hosting companies according to our tests:

Starter solutions

  1. Inmotion 199ms (actually this is the only acceptable one by Google PageSpeed Insights)
  2. Siteground 416ms
  3. Site5 443ms
  4. 1&1 484ms

They talk the talk but…

  • Godaddy 586ms (Their managed WordPress solution seem to offer higher results)
  • Dreamhost 767ms
  • iPage 1339ms
  • Bluehost 1303ms

Advanced solutions

  1. Rackspace 77ms
  2. Media Temple 75ms (They were inconsistent, hence the second place)
  3. Linode 93ms
  4. Amazon 146ms

*This article is published independently and we’re not affiliates of any web hosting company. We don’t even provide links to them :).