The data is taken from Raelene Morey’s (Follow her, she’s great!) post “13 IMPRESSIVE WORDPRESS STATS WORTH BOOKMARKING FOR CLIENTS” at wpmudev blog (You already know them).

We prepared a cool infographic to show you why you should use WordPress, the world’s most dominant CMS platform. WordPress currently powers 25.5% of the web and its’ market share is expected to reach to 30% by 2017. It’s great to be a part of this big family.

Why Should You Use WordPress

Why should you choose WordPress?

It powers 25.5% of the web and expected to increase its’ market share to 30% by 2017.

It’s the most popular and trusted CMS available with 58.7% share in the CMS market.

Another WordPress website is added to the web in every 74 seconds.

WordPress is available in 57 languages.

Until now, 143 versions are released in order to keep the platform secure, functional and up-to-date.

WordPress has more than 43k plugins to expand its functionality and thousands of coders are working daily to add new plugins to the WordPress repository. has almost 36m monthly visitors while Apple has only around 17m.

Being a part of a big family feels good.